Who is DJ OREO?

DJ Oreo (Kookie_Masta) is a native of Abia state in Nigeria. 

His love for entertainment 'Music' was discovered at a tender age where he started as a church and college dancer, then passion took him into learning the craft of Disc Jockey (DJ) in 2010, alongside indulging in the planning and executing of college events and parties.

His cool, calm and collected and personality allows him to pour his heart and soul into his craft -entertainment and especially his craft as a DJ.

In 2015, Oreo moved to Cyprus Europe where his love and passion for music grew and it then turned into a professional and lucrative avenue to showcase his musical talents. This new found passion created many experiences for those attendees and with that his name within Cyprus soon turned viral as he was one of the best African DJ in Cyprus spinning in major events for the international committee, schools, alongside top clubs in the country.

Now based in USA, DJ has made an imprint in Houston, Texas and DJ Oreo has contributed to the International community with his musical talents by moving the crowd with his smooth touch on the turntables.

As a DJ, the crowd and the music (most importantly the beats) are his primary source of inspiration. The Crowd’s reaction and vibes to his craft is a massive boost to him as it would be to any other DJ  worldwide. 


DJ OREO is more than just a name. It’s more than just playing music; DJ Oreo is a partner that helps you create the most unique and unforgettable experiences. Everything  done is based on philosophies and values that guides him to an ongoing successful career.


My high standards of professionalism enable me to deliver services of superior quality, meeting clients’ objectives in a timely and cost effective manner. Making sure every party goes home smiling and happy.


To be original, to act and think outside the box and provide extraordinary EXPERIENCE to any events, is what makes me stand out.

I always make sure I keep my goals and visions clear with everything I does! To be established as the leading most versatile personality by offering exceptional creative and innovative event solutions is my ultimate goal!


If you are hesitant to work with me, let me advice you on how you definitely should:

EXPERIENCE: I have provided clients with professional events production and DJ services for over 7 years internationally, which includes features in concerts of top artiste like Davids, Yemi Alade, Olamide, Burna Boy, and more.

KNOWLEDGE: Working with various entertainment companies, brands, and promoters internationally, built my knowledge which help me provide turnkey tailor made solutions for any event.

VALUE: I surpass customers’ expectations and enhance their brand value through successful events.

If you are still not convinced, give me a call and I can arrange a meeting to discuss everything that concerns you.